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Full Professor of Linguistics, Ph.D


Welcome to my professional website.


I am currently a Full Professor of English Linguistics at the National Distance Education University (UNED) in Madrid, Spain. I hold the Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics Chair. I have more than 30 years of academic experience as a university teacher and researcher, gathered and developed in different universities and institutions of several countries (Argentina, Mexico, Spain, USA and UK), which gives a very international flavor to my work and scientific approach in general.

My main areas of specialization within Linguistics are Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, as well as Applied Linguistics in general.


Some specific topics covered by my research have to do with aspects of verbal irony, Politeness Theory, discourse markers, stance-taking, Appraisal Theory, and Dynamical System Theory applied to pragmalinguistic phenomena, among others. I have published several books and many scientific papers related to these areas and topics, and I have participated in and conducted different research projects. From 2014 to 2018, I was the Principal Investigator of the EMO-FunDETT project (funded by the Spanish government), which was concerned with the emotive function of language, especially as this is realized and managed by individuals and groups in both institutional and corporate work environments.

My approach to language in general is a functional one,

because I believe that the fundamental purpose of any natural language is communication among human beings. Within this main purpose, I also believe that emotion and subjectivity play a very important role. And because I think that intersubjectivity is crucial,

I hope you find it useful to share scholarship with me.

(Photo credit: Carla Bonnet)

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